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The editors of Prevention are proud to present this important breakthrough. Learn to use “hybrid yoga” to target ugly belly fat like never before.

Prepare to be amazed. (We were!) When you combine easy-to-learn yoga moves, hand weights, and a simple walking program, the pounds and inches can melt away!

Dozens of full-color, step-by-step photos make it so easy! Success stories and tons of motivational tips keep you on track. A 4-week meal plan keeps you satisfied and energized, while a custom-designed journal helps you track your progress.

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Hundreds of full-color, step-by-step photos make it a cinch to learn the poses.HERE'S WHAT YOU GET:

A lean, strong belly! Based on new scientific research, you’ll learn the moves that bring results in 4 weeks flat!

Based on new scientific research! Use yoga, hand weights, and walking to get a strong, lean belly in 4 weeks flat!

The 4-day jump start eases you into the routine and gets you motivated.

No gym required. Work out whenever you like, wherever is convenient. It’s like having a personal trainer on call 24/7!

Track your progress with the exclusive Flat Belly Yoga! journal.

Hundreds of full-color, step-by-step photos make it a cinch to learn the poses.

Flat Belly Diet! cheat sheet and meal plans help you complement your workout program for even more dramatic results.

Worried about injury? Don’t be: Special “Play It Safe” tips throughout show you how to tailor the routine to your current fitness level.

Real-life success stories and tons of tips help inspire you and keep your eyes on the prize!

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Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Flat Belly Yoga!

Better sleep

More energy

Less back pain

Lower stress levels

Younger appearance

Better flexibility and balance

Higher self-esteem

Unsolicited compliments from family, friends, and coworkers

Warning: You may need some new clothes By the end of the 4-week Flat Belly Yoga! program, you could go down two full sizes! (What a nice excuse to go shopping!)

Burn more calories while doing literally nothing
Did you know that muscle
burns calories at 7 times
the rate of fat!? It’s true!
Trading in muscle for fat
raises your metabolism,
so you’ll burn more
calories at rest—even
when you’re relaxing!

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